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Spiritual Growth Resources


Daily quotes from Swami Satchidananda - Facebook

Daily quotes from Swami Satchidananda - Twitter


Inspiring talks by the great senior Swamis of Integral Yoga


Rare videos and pictures of Master Sivananda


Yogananda Paramahansa and the Self-Realization Fellowship


Spiritual Poems and Sonnets by Reverend Shankar


Running, Running, Running

I keep running, running, running for more, more, more

More money, more fame, more success, greater accomplishments and physical experiences

As if those will somehow miraculously bring me lasting happiness

Lucky if I get a brief fading moment of pleasure from these which always compares pale to my imagined joy

How many times will my dense mind have to learn  that these are empty treasure chests

That Joy, Happiness, and the resting place of "Finally Arrived" is already in me .... I am already there ..... but failing to tune into it

and tune into YOU who are the Source of all Joy and Happiness

Stop playing with me Divine Mother

Cease teasing me Holy Father Gurudev

Deny me no longer my birthright of knowing my True Self ..... Knowing You ..... Knowing God



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